Yoga Therapy

What is yoga therapy?

Laura doing a featured lotus poseYoga Therapy is taking the practice’s therapeutic benefits and applying them to the individual’s needs.  

During my career so far I have been approached by many clients who have come to try yoga because a friend, colleague or doctor has recommended it as something that could benefit an illness, injury or condition that they are currently working with.

Assessing your needs and helping you to explore and work with whatever might be your personal circumstances is a very powerful and rewarding process for both student and teacher.  I have seen injuries gradually be understood and rehabilitated, mental illnesses explored and understood, insomnia, anxiety and countless other medical conditions relieved.  Most importantly I’ve seen people work to cultivate a level of patience and acceptance to work with their often challenging circumstances through practice .

Find your feet…

Explore and understand the body you have, enjoy it and treat it with the love and care it deserves.

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