‘It has been an absolute pleasure to watch Laura grow into one of the most considered, caring and intelligent yoga teachers I have worked with. She has a wonderful ability to nurture yoga practitioners in developing a safe but progressive yoga practice and many people at Stillpoint Yoga London have benefited from her light but firm approach. I would highly recommend studying with Laura.’

Scott Johnson, Senior Registered Yoga Teacher 500, Director at Stillpoint Yoga London

‘I would wholeheartedly recommend. Laura is a natural teacher, she spent a lot of time listening to me and my goals and structuring the sessions accordingly. As someone who is not at all sporty and not very bendy, I have found exercise classes quite intimidating in the past, Laura’s support and positive attitude really helped me to overcome this.’

Sophie I, small group client

‘Laura has a wonderful combination of technical knowledge and sensitivity. She gives straight forward technical instructions as to how each posture should be carried out and how it should feel. Laura is very open about her own experience of hypermobility and injuries and it is clear this has made her sensitive and compassionate to different types of bodies. She can help you find ways into postures that suit you and your body, and most importantly help you feel and experience each asana for yourself both physically and emotionally. With Laura you can expect a compassionate, graceful and sensitive yoga experience with complete confidence that you’re in safe hands.’

Ruth Ann H, Stillpoint Yoga London practitioner

‘When I met Laura I had been practicing yoga in classes for many years but without much focus or dedication. Through her intelligent, articulate teaching I came to build a regular practice which gave me a deep understanding of myself both emotionally and physically that I had never had before. Even though now we live in different countries, I still hear her words echo in my practice, and I am grateful all the time for how she inspired me. As a yoga teacher now myself, I consider Laura one of the most serious and thorough teachers you could possibly come across, especially if you’re looking for a very safe and insightful practice.’

Louisa H, private client

‘Laura has taught me to experience yoga in a way that’s benefited me greatly. I’ve done years of yoga but never got so much from a class or teacher. The ashtanga practice takes time to get to grips with but has been well worth it. Laura is incredibly knowledgeable but passes this on in way that feels so tangible and about ‘you’. I’d recommend her to anyone and just wish she wasn’t leaving London! She’s wonderful.’

Isla M, Mysore class student

‘Laura was my yoga teacher for almost two years. She taught me ashtanga yoga the Mysore way and now I confidently practise at home. Although I had to move away, Laura taught me so well that I still remember every pose and the whole sequence. Mysore is the best way to learn yoga in my opinion if you want a strong personal practice. Laura is an amazing teacher. I was gutted when I had to stop going. I totally recommend yoga with Laura.’

Anna M, Mysore class student

‘Laura’s class helped me fall in love with yoga and realise it’s as much about listening to your body and modifying poses to suit your needs as opposed to striving to get into the “perfect” pose.

Laura’s hands on style really helps embed what the pose should “feel” like and help train your body the right way, stopping any bad habits! I loved the self practice element as you can go at your own pace and make it as hard or as easy as your body wants, it makes it such a pleasurable and experience, it really helped me build the mind relaxation element of yoga.

Laura’s a fantastic teacher and whoever gets to attend her class are in for treat!’

Caroline L, Mysore class student

‘Practising yoga with Laura has taught me to take ownership of my practice. I had been doing yoga for a few years before, and could follow along in class but engaging with my practice at home was difficult. Laura’s clear instructions, focus on individual student’s ability has supported me in learning the sequence for myself and it did become my own!
Thank you, Laura.’

Dorota P, Mysore class student

‘Laura is a very experienced, knowledgeable and sensitive teacher with the capacity to work with a wide range of conditions and issues – as well as with those bodies that have good physical capacity. If you are looking for a class, Mysore practice or specialist one-to-one teaching, go to Laura. You won’t regret it.’

Jess Glenny, Senior Ashtanga teacher

‘I learned Ashtanga Mysore practice with Laura. She taught me very valuable constitutes of yoga practice – how to bring and concentrate your attention inwards, how to breath, how to to listen to your body where it is rather than push it where you want it to be. I really like the idea that you can use Mysore practice as a mirror – the practice is the same, but you are different every time you come on the mat.’

Ekaterina M, Mysore class student

‘I’ve been practising Astanga for over 10 years, and have had a few private classes with Laura which truly transformed my practice. A wonderfully kind, observant teacher.’

Jennifer, private client

‘Laura is a fantastic teacher. Thoughtful and deep in her understanding of yoga. She focused on our individual capabilities, difficulties, and possibilities, making sure that my practice was safe and transformative.’

Holly, Stillpoint attendee

‘I met Laura when I started practicing at Stillpoint Yoga in London. The Yoga has been transformative and Laura’s approach of listening to the person and their body, whilst applying her extensive knowledge, explaining the method and rationale behind the asana has been incredible. I am grateful to be taught by her, and have no hesitation recommending Laura to anyone else looking to continue to develop their practice.’

Scott A, Stillpoint attendee

‘Laura is a wonderful tutor – patient, calm and kind. She is a fountain of knowledge of yoga and the biomechanics of the body and applies that knowledge in a very therapeutic and supportive way. Laura also ‘walks her talk’ which I think is hugely important in a teacher, particularly in yoga. She is a very dedicated practitioner and so knows how to deliver the information in a way that is supportive to every stage of the learning process. Laura played a huge part in my discovering Ashtanga yoga, which I now practice daily and has been very transformative for me, so I couldn’t be more grateful for her support, both as a tutor and a friend. Thank you Laura.’

Amy F, private client

‘Yoga should be about a personal journey of curiosity and investigation that leads to a connection with your inner self as opposed to chasing after yoga postures (external fears, thoughts and feelings) and it is this wonderful insight that Laura helps you to find in your own way.’

Steven W, Stillpoint attendee

‘I have practised many styles of yoga in the past, but always thought that Ashtanga yoga wouldn’t be for me. Laura’s class was recommended to me and I was amazed at how quickly I was able to build my own practice and remember the sequence. As a mother of young children, I was relieved to be able to take things at my own pace and fit my practice into my busy schedule. I was able to focus on connecting my breath to my movements rather than just rushing through a series of postures. I miss Laura’s classes a lot and will always remember how she taught me to connect deeply with my breath at any given moment and to ‘feel’ each part of my body in each posture.’

Anamika M, Mysore class student

‘…It was the first time I had ever done any yoga so I was feeling a little
apprehensive at first but I quickly got in to it as the environment was
calming and Laura was very supportive…I am looking forward to being able to sit without discomfort and stand on my head!’

beginners course student at Stillpoint Yoga London

‘ Thank you thank you thank you! I feel weirdly and wonderfully much calmer and more centred…I already look forward to our next lesson…

Rob F, private client

Find your feet…

Explore and understand the body you have, enjoy it and treat it with the love and care it deserves.