People and Resources that I Love

People and Resources that I Love

Kathryn Bruni Young – Mindful Strength

Kathryn’s podcast feature her interviewing movement professionals from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. She has several courses available online that I highly recommend and contributes a huge amount of material online for free, through her website and on facebook.

Yoga and Movement Research Group – Facebook

A weird and wonderful corner of the internet where movement/somatic geeks pick apart old tropes and share some fascinating material.

Mark Robberds – Instagram

Mark is one of the most intelligent and compassionate Ashtanga teachers I’ve come across. He posts generously, sharing his knowledge and has a diverse range of movement generalist type interests.

The Prehab Guys – Instagram

These guys are qualified physiotherapists at the forefront of the Prehab movement. They post hugely informative clips on exercises to optimise healthy movement patterns.

Simon Borg-Olivier

Simon runs informative online courses and writes a great blog. He was one of my very first teachers on my first teacher training and blew my mind. He’s one of the major proponents of ‘active movement’, something you’ll hear a lot about in my classes! He’s also one of the kindest and smartest teachers I’ve ever met.

Peg Mulqueen – Ashtanga Dispatch

Peg interviews a really wide range of the most senior Ashtanga teachers internationally. She gives so generously of herself through her interviews and her own writing and online presence.

Stillpoint Yoga London Blog

Where it all really began for me. Scott and Oz took me on as their first apprentice. During a nomadic decade this has always been my constant. Scott writes a wonderful blog and runsĀ great workshops and events.

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Explore and understand the body you have, enjoy it and treat it with the love and care it deserves.