Yoga with Laura

Yoga with Laura

Accessible and mindful movement


Want to feel more in charge of both your physical and mental health?

Learn to build your own movement practice:

Together we’ll get you started and feeling confident in building a practice that builds fitness, strength or flexibility in body and mind. A mindful physical practice can also help to train the mind: building self awareness and esteem, compassion and kindness too. Enjoy better relationships and a better state of mind (we all tend to get along better when we’re happier in ourselves). Learn to take time out for yourself in a meaningful and constructive way.

If you’re looking for private or public classes, or have any questions at all, please do get in touch. I offer free phone consultations without any pressure or obligation.

What do I teach?

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As our lives become more mentally strenuous and the window in our day for physical movement often gets smaller and smaller the need for a focused and effective daily movement practice increases. Our bodies are designed to move, and much discomfort that we experience is in large part due to these lifestyle changes. 

Having taught yoga and other forms of movement for more than 10 years the material in classes and private sessions can be very varied. While I no longer teach exclusively yoga postures everything I teach is done with an aim to help us tune into the body and the mind better: shapes and movements can be done with a view to help us understand the body better, perhaps even with a view to noticing how the mind works too. We would normally look at addressing our breathing patterns too.

I tailor my movement classes either to individual needs of the student or to an overall antidote to what I might think the group is experiencing day to day. This normally includes looking at optimising breathing patterns, isolated strength exercises, then integrated into larger whole body movements, and finally some work on actively mobilising the joints and perhaps a little passive stretching (beneficial for winding the nervous system down after the stimulation of strength practices).

About Me

I started practising yoga in my early 20’s then teaching yoga, then, after 10 years or so doing lots of different movement practices because I felt I needed some variety. Since then I’ve fallen in love with rock climbing, cold water swimming, the occasional park run, and doing weights too. My body has never felt better and I feel happier and healthier too. I put this down to a variety of movement and a lack of attachment to specialising anymore. It’s taken the pressure off and let movement be therapeutic and fun. 

I aim to share movement from this angle, it can help us take time out for ourselves in a constructive way, be great for mental health, and help us lead our lives with more comfort, calm and joy.

Find out more about myself and my approach to teaching on the About Me page.

Lessons and classes

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The vast majority of my classes are small and community based. I take a maximum of between 6 and 8 people in each class, so that you get the individual attention that you deserve. No fancy and anonymous yoga studios!

I teach both in Margate (my home) and for part of the week in central London. I still run my own classes at Health Works in Walthamstow, and work privately with students in their homes or workplaces.